Forestia helps you feel better about yourself with little effort or cost through the use of medicinal mushrooms, even if you take medication or have allergies.
This principle comes from the first nations who saved the French colony in the 16th century by the use of forest products but, it belongs to us to perpetuate this culinary tradition by using the services of experimented and passionate pickers.

In this vein, Forestia puts a great interest in wild and medicinal mushrooms. More specifically in the Chaga, which is a medicinal mushroom with a high antioxidant capacity. If you want to know more, download the free report that is to the right.–>

In this site you will find information that will entice your palate as much as your intellect. The intention is to intrigue you, question you, and enlighten you. In helping you realize that the solution to a healthier and therefore happier world is not as far as we can sometimes imagine.

Forestia supports on-going Research and Development, specifically for medicinal products that require continual testing and analysis.  This R&D results in constant budgetary investment.

If you would be opened to contributing to a portion of this Research, any donations would be greatly appreciated.