In this section you will find wild edible mushrooms which are the most common and have a commercial value. Do you know that there are well over 2000 species of mushrooms identified in North America alone?

Out of those 2000 there are only over 200 or so that are edible mushrooms in Canada. Out of those 200 or so edible mushrooms only about 20 of those are actually described as being somewhat tasty. Out of those 20 only about half of those are described as being delicious.

Of those 10 or so mushrooms, there are only 5 or 6 varieties that we can harvest and sell for commercial markets throughout North America and Europe.

Thing to consider; mushrooms are mostly available during the Summer and Fall. The rest of the year it is harder to have variety. In order to fulfill that need, I always have dried mushrooms available.

Why dried mushrooms?

Because a dried mushroom never loses much of its taste but mainly it keeps its nutritive value. Which is not negligible. They are very useful during the winter months when the days are shorter therefore less sun. That’s when we need more nutrients.

Here is what you can find in a dried mix. The quantity of each type goes according the market availability. Therefore the mix may vary.

  • Mix Bolets
  • Matsutake
  • Imperial Cat
  • Lobster
  • Black Trumpet
  • Horse Mushroom
  • Hedgehog

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