Pascal L’Archeveque is the founding president of Forestia. He brings with him 15 years of experience in the food industry. His passion for local products enabled him to obtain an expertise in the field and has inspired him to share this passion with others.

He’s well-sought after by those who appreciate the natural healing power of mushrooms, Pascal is known for his expertise when it comes to locating high-quality mushrooms (either for medicinal or culinary purposes) all over North America. Concerned about getting the best quality and variety of products, he won’t hesitate to go onsite to get in touch with various suppliers. He has already visited a good part of the Quebec forests.

His customers are grateful for the time and money he saves them by offering a precious and natural health alternative without imposing useless by-products or being an aggressive salesman.

According to him, life is a continuous learning process and he wanted to improve his business skills and leadership. He took part in workshops with professionals relating to these topics and is always up to date in this field.